Capiz, Please: The Final Look

The faux capiz chandelier is now finished! If you want to check out how this chandelier was made, you can check out the post “Capiz, Please!”

I initially wanted to hang this chandelier over our bed because it gave off a beautiful, soft light that would have been gorgeous as our main light fixture, but I changed my mind for 2 reasons.

1. We really need our fan over our bed because we are both hot natured and can’t sleep if it gets hot in our room.

2. Jason absolutely hates changing out light fixtures. He has  been telling me this for the last 3 days and I can only assume it is because he knew that I wanted him to change the one over our bed. I hated to ask after he told me about a dozen times!

So, the chandelier found itself hanging in the corner of our bedroom as a lamp. That’s okay. It really does look great there! I needed something to fill that empty corner anyway.

Not bad for a $20 investment! Want to know how we hung the chandelier and light? I had a leftover hanging lamp light (the kind that you use to light up the paper lanterns) that we used to light up the chandelier lamp.You can get these in stores. We used fishing line to hang the chandelier from a mug hook and the hung the light so that it hung in the middle of the plant basket that was used as the frame.

This little beauty added a ton of class to our ever evolving bedroom. If you have any questions about hanging your chandelier, just let me know!


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