Project: Doily Chandelier

Here’s a super cheap project that will be sure to wow everyone that sees it. Jason said that of all the projects I have tried, this is his favorite. It really reminds me of a fresh, beachy scene. If you can fold, use a glue gun, and are not accident-prone with a sewing needle (I am and still finished this project with minimal damage), try your hand at this shabby chic chandelier! You’ll love the final result!

doily chandelier 1Sorry for the fuzzy pictures (Darn light…)

This project isn’t hard but it will take you a couple of hours if you decide to make a larger chandelier like the one pictured.
Here are some instructions to get you started.

doilies 1

Doilies come in different sizes. Choose the size that you like. I use 4 inch doilies.

doilies 2

Your doilies will come in small groups that are stuck together in the package. In my package of 4 inch doilies, there were 30 doilies in groups of 3. Fold each group in half.

doilies 3

Unfold your doiles and fold them again so that you have a + in the center when they are unfolded (there is a line down the center of this one, even though it's hard to see). Pull the groups of doilies apart.

doilies 4

This is the part that may take some practice. You want to take your fingers and push in so that each of the creases is on outside and the center of the doily comes to a point on the top (like in the picture). We'll call this the pyramid shape. Don't worry if you don't get it the first try!

doilies 5

Push the doily flat so that you have a triangle shape. Unfold the doily so that it is once again in the pyramid shape and flatten it in the other direction as well.

doilies 6

When you finishing flattening your doily, it should look like this on.

I folded about 150 doilies to create my chandelier. Once you have the doilies folded, it’s time to string them.

*Make a knot in the bottom of a piece of fishing line and string the line through a sewing needle.

*Going through the bottom of the folded doily, poke the needle through the pointed top (center) of the doily and pull it through until the doily is at the bottom knot.

*Using your hot glue gun, put hot glue into the center point of the doily and squeeze the point of the doily firmly for about 3 seconds. Your doily now be secure on the fishing line.

*Take your second doily and pull the fishing line through the doily using the same process. This time, you will not need a knot in the fishing line. Simply figure out where you want your next doily to sit, add glue inside the point of the doily and hold firmly for 3 seconds. As long as the glue has cooled, you shouldn’t have a problem with the doily falling out of place.

*Continue following these steps until you have a string of doilies the size you want.

*Repeat this whole process for each strand of doilies you would like to have for your chandelier.

* To create a frame for your chandelier, you can be as creative as you like. You can take any type of wooden, plastic, or metal ring to use as a frame. When you have your ring, tie 2 pieces of fishing line or floral wire (which is what I used) in an X shape inside the ring. Each piece should run from one side of the circle to the opposite side to create the X. These pieces of line or wire will hold the longest strings of doilies.

*Starting with your longest string of doilies, tie the string as close to the center of the X as possible. Be sure to add a little hot glue to the knot so that it doesn’t loosen.

*Repeat this process, putting your longest doily strings toward the center and your shorter strings around the outside of your loop.

Like most of our projects, this isn’t hard. It just takes a little time. This project is definitely unique and you won’t find decor like this in a store!

BTW, these chandeliers are fairly stout little things. I have mine in my daughters’ bathroom and it shows no sign of wear and tear. I’ve taken it apart and put it together again in order to make it larger, and it still looks good as new.

Have you tried this project? Let us know how it turned out!


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