Add A Little Glitz To Your Bathroom

If your looking for a way to add a little glitz to your ordinary bathroom (without breaking the bank, of course) think about adding a small decorative chandelier. They are an affordable way to make your room feel more luxurious. I decided to use a small chandelier from the site to give our master bath a little glam. Here’s the result.

bathroom chandelier 2I don’t think the pictures do it justice. It really does make the bathroom feel a little more glamorous. Another great perk is that these chandeliers come with a plug-in light fixture so that you can use it as a lamp in your room as well. Super cool and functional! How can you beat that combination? Oh yeah, you can throw in affordable! This chandelier from ShopWildThings was around $40 when I purchased mine. Not to bad for something that makes such a big statement. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it. If your looking for a cheaper DIY project that can rival this chandelier, try the shabby chic doily chandelier featured in the post “Project Doily Chandelier”.


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