The Adventure of Couch Shopping

We have been shopping for a new couch to replace the black faux leather couch in the new living area. It is so comfortable and we hate to get rid of the thing, but both the chair and the 2 ottomans that share quarters with the couch are brown. The black looks a little out of place. I have searched Craigslist forever trying to find a good deal, but everything is either too expensive or too far for us to drive. The cheapest new couch I could find that would match our current furniture is a brown couch from Big Lots that is on sale now for $299. That is still more than I was wanting to pay. *Sigh*

So, we decided that maybe the best route is to purchase a good couch slipcover. One upside to this decision is that I can take the cover off anytime and wash the stains that are sure to “mysteriously” appear. With a two-year-old, four-year-old, and a little dog that thinks of the couch as her personal bed, the ability to wash the cover could potentially be a big plus!

I think this decision was meant to be. As I was searching for the slipcover that would satisfy both the style, function, and price qualifications, I found this simple cover at SureFit. It is currently reduced on clearance from $109.99 to $50. Lovin’ me a good deal!

I can't wait to lighten this room with a new slipcover and light blue walls!

Sleek and simple. The only part that has me biting my nails is the ivory color. I love light colors, but I can just see this thing getting covered in spaghetti sauce and Play-Doh when I’m not looking. I guess I should have a good stock supply of stain remover in the laundry cabinet! We’ll see how it works… Stay tuned for the new look!

UPDATE! The couch cover came in the mail! The good news? It is beautiful and I love the color. The bad news? With two kids and a husband, the elastic pieces are not enough to keep the couch cover tucked into place. SO disappointing because it looked great…:(

But not to fear, Craigslist to the rescue! We scored a great deal on a small sectional that matches the rest of the living area furniture. It was only $250 and it is in great shape. I’ve always wanted something that would give us more sitting space! See the new look:

New den setup

This is the new look for the den. The sectional was a great find for $250! The new green apple colored pillow was purchased from Pier 1 for $30 (just to add a pop of color).

Notice the monster our new TV sitting in the corner? How could you not notice the gigantic thing? You can read about this FREE find in the post “THE MONSTER”. Since it was free, we plan to sell this 65″ space hog and invest in a tube that is more willing to share some space.


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