If There’s Something You Need, Find A Deal Indeed

Today was apparently THE day to have a garage sale in my neck of the woods. I saw dozens while the fam was out running our errands. It made me start thinking about my favorite places to look for a great deal. On the 30 minutes ride home, I came up with my 3 favorite ways to get a deal on things for the home.

3. Flea Markets- These places are such a great way to make one person’s unwanted items your new hot centerpiece for your room. Although usually more expensive than garage sales, you will still usually pay less than retail and some are open all year round.

2. Craigslist- Again, great for year-round deals. No waiting around for summer to find a great deal. If you are patient, you are bound to find a deal on exactly what you need. The down-side? Patience is occasionally hard to find when you have to scour the postings every hour in order to find that perfect item and that perfect price. Just yesterday, I found a brand new front-load washer and dryer for $400. The couple will be moving cross-country and were not willing to haul their appliances with them. Of course, this was on the one day that I didn’t check postings until evening and it was gone. Darn! I’m still kicking myself for that one…

1. Garage Sales- If you’ve EVER been garage sale shopping, you know the deals you can pick up on all types of items on these trips. You get up at the crack of dawn, do a quick mirror check to make sure you won’t scare everyone in your path, pull out the map and garage sale listings, and you are on your way to scoring a great deal on…well, anything! You never know what kinds of things people will consider unworthy to keep in their home. And if you find the right sale, the prices are unbeatable! If you have a friend that doesn’t mind getting up before the rooster, invite her along. It’s so much more fun with a friend!

UPDATE, UPDATE… Yea! Jason just arrived home from picking up a front-load washer that I found on Craigslist. Like-new condition and only $250.It may sound expensive, but considering that those things are usually over at the very, very least $550 new, I’m completely satisfied. I heart that site!

Psst… Jason told me today that there is a new Craigslist Iphone app that will alert you when the item you are searching for is listed in your area. I haven’t seen it yet, but maybe we should check it out… Let me know how it works if you use it!


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