Dining Chair Transformation…Let’s add color!

I found the dining table of my dreams. It is an Ikea table with a weathered gray wooden top that I bought second hand from Craigslist.

*Sigh* My hard search finally paid! The only problem was the fact that the chairs were originally covered in a faded burnt orange fabric.

Obviously this wasn’t going to cut it. Time to recover those cushions!

*Unscrew the cushion from the chair frame using a screwdriver.

Unscrew the cushion

*Using a flat screwdriver and pliers or a staple-puller (is that a word?) pull the staples that hold the fabric on the cushion.

Pulling staples

*After you have pulled the staples and removed the fabric, use the fabric as a pattern to cut a new cover. Cut at least 1 inch from the edges of the pattern in order to leave some room for mistakes. You can trim this extra fabric later.

*Lay the new cover face-down and place your cushion face-down on top. Fold the edges up and staple one staple in the middle of each edge.

Fold up the edges

*Begin stapling each of the four sides out to the corner (stop about 1.5 inches from each corner).

*In order to make the corners as neat as possible, fold the very corner straight in and staple. Then take the small amount of fabric left on each side and fold in toward this staple. Secure these with staples as well. Fold in the corner

Secure the rest of the corner fabric by folding in and stapling.

* Once you have done all the corners, screw the cushion back onto the chair frame.

Introducing the new shabby chic chair! Feel free to comment or leave a question!

The new chair

The new chair


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